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Connie Carlson out of Marietta, GA talks about how she increased her GCI by over $100,000 with her Mega Agent Website in only 1 year!
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Custom IDX Search Engine
We couldn't find an IDX solution that was satisfactory to what we needed so we built our own. Having our own "in house" IDX search engine allows us to do more than our competitors. You might consider it an unfair advantage.
We Index Everything for SEO!
We build and index a web page for every home, neighborhood, street, school, zip code and condo for you automatically. Google loves us for it, I mean they really really love us. Almost a little too much. It's truely SEO on auto pilot. Indexed listings are no extra cost!
We Don't Do Contracts
We're not looking to "lock you in". We hate contracts as much as you do. We are confident enough in our product that if you don't like what you get, you can cancel anytime.

That feels good, right?
NO Upkeep! It's not your One Thing.
There is NO upkeep by you at all! Your "One Thing" is not web design, web development or SEO. Your "One Thing" is selling houses. So you do your "One Thing" and let us do ours! We take care of the updates, SEO, changes and everything.
"We have so much business we haven't been able to get to it all."
-Cindy Barnard
KW Peachtree City

"I put a $400,000 buyer under contact in the first week."
-David Blanton
KW Buford

"Matt, thank you, closing a $280K home this Friday from my Website."
-Steve Kunkel
KW Duluth

"I just wanted to say thank you for helping me get my Real Estate business off the ground."
-Bill Royster
KW Raleigh

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